About Me

Why am I a writer?

For me, creative writing has always been about exploring worlds, brands, ideas and philosophies – and about working with and playing around in the wonderful land of words.

My writing career took off at a diverse content agency back in 2011, after which I began building my own business. I’ve been copywriting for years now, and creative writing for much longer. I have a Bachelor of Media, a Diploma in Screenwriting and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing.

Writing is what I do – both on the clock and off it – and my client base, repeat business and customer happiness rates speak for themselves.

Why hire me?

I have extensive experience writing content for both digital and print, for large organisations, marketing firms and start-up businesses. This includes website content, blogs, articles and editorial content, marketing copy and corporate documents.

I focus on a high level of quality in all of my writing, from crafting the right messages to finding the words that work for your brand.

A little more about me…

I’m Australian – and proud of it! I live and work in Seattle with my husband and puppy. I’m positive and energetic, I read, I love movies, bars, the outdoors, good friends, travelling, and everything Seattle has to offer.

My life is writing and writing is my life, which is why I wanted this website to be profoundly personal. All of the images on this site were taken by me (except for the ones I’m in, of course!) and each reflects a little bit of who I am as a writer, and a person.

My other websites

When I’m not officially working, I’m still writing. I write for and maintain three different blog sites – a fairy tale critique site, an online science fiction novel and a general writing blog.

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